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Adaptation: Jenya Osborne 

Director: Joseph Uchitel

Set and Costume Designer: Wendy Osmond

Lighting designer: Andrew Kinch

Music: Edward Primrose

Cast: Peter Kowitz

Could there be a more bold, more exciting opening of a new theatre company than this Medea?  Directed by Joseph Uchitel – passionate, intelligent and powerfully theatrical.

Pamela Payne, The Sun Herald


Above all, with no resort to falsetto or any other trickery but through wonderfully subtle shifts of speech patterns and tone of voice and body language, Kowitz, dressed in nothing more than black pants and a tunic, penetrates to the very heart and soul of Greek tragedy and reveals its greatness.

Brian Hoad, The Bulletin


This is a fine debut by a new company from which we may expect much good work.

John McCallum, The Australian


… a one-man Medea is a brave… compelling experiment.

Bob Evans, The Sydney Morning Herald

Medea by Euripides 

at Sydney Street Theatre

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