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…the gags came thick and fast …fine comic acting  …like Julian Clary on acid.  …people were laughing heartily throughout. …big, flamboyant, …well-produced, well-realised.

Lee Bemrose, Sydney Stage

…In this highly charged moment a youth suicide is enacted on stage with haunting sensitivity. Any ambivalence about its tragedy vanishes as in death the daughter speaks with directness not evident in life: "I didn't want to do it. I shouldn't have done it. I regret it."

Mark Hopkins, The Sydney Morning Herald

Director Joseph Uchitel's production is attentively realised and greatly assisted by Max Lyandvert's excellent sound design, James Browne's set and costumes, and Stephen Hawker's lighting. The ensemble is committed and strong.  There's a lot to like about Terminus.

Bryce Hullett, The Sydney Morning Herald


This like watching Bernardo Bertolucci's epic wide-screen movie The Last Emperor on a laptop. In a miracle of miniturisation, director Joseph Uchitel has crammed a chronicle of the Boxer Rebellion of 1900 and the twilight of the Chinese empire onto the pocket stage of Belvoir St's studio space.

Colin Rose, The Sun Herald


Jon Fosse has written... a poetic and skillful drama of subtexts and gasps... May-Brit Akerholt’s translation... works subtly with the rhythms and vocabulary of Australian English inside a very spare and poetic structure... Lord is excellent... Downing is superb... Joseph Uchitel directs simply, keeping a tight control on the special relations and even tighter grasp on the subtlety.

Stephen Dunne, The Sydney Morning Herald


It’s a confronting… haunting night.

Brian Hoad, The Bulletin


Could there be a more bold, more exciting opening of a new theatre company than this Medea?  Directed by Joseph Uchitel – passionate, intelligent and powerfully theatrical.

Pamela Payne, The Sun Herald

​Simply directed by Joseph Uchitel, the spare, whimsical work delves beneath the polite façade…

​Bryce Hallett, The Sydney Morning Herald


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