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Under Joseph Uchitel’s ingenious direction (he uses the confined space to its full advantage) the actors respond well to the complicated demands of Vampilov’s particular brand of satire, and Uchitel’s demand that they play it for real.

Angela Bennie, The Sydney Morning Herald, PROVINCIAL ANECDOTES


What is delightful and challenging about Joseph Uchitel’s production is his use of the stage either to present or to represent, what is happening in formal terms: the delicate, wooden-framed windows and door that move and change position throughout, a utilitarian device, but more importantly one signifying the relative nature of perception in this devastatingly changing personal world, and how fragile is its structure.

There is, too, his complicated staging, which pulls his characters together into quite realistic space relationships or pushes them apart into almost artificial positionings, a formal reflection on the intimacy/estrangement dichotomy going on underneath.

Angela Bennie, The Sydney Morning Herald, CHANCE VISITOR


Joseph Uchitel’s strong, even direction... creates wonderful visual imagery of a tormented mind.

Ian Phipps, The Sunday Telegraph, PERSEPHONE

Joseph Uchitel’s direction is taut, vigorous and lucid.  He keeps action crackling across the split levels of… stage. …great clarity and assurance.

Pamela Payne, The Sydney Morning Herald, THE DEAL



The best thing about this involving production is the quality of acting and the tight control of director Joseph Uchitel.

John McCallum, The Australian, THE DEAL


There is an impressive cast of new-comers – three young actors who can, under Uchitel’s very fine direction, play simple, forthrightly emotional actions with a boldness which works very well.

John McCallum, The Australian, THE PROMISE


It is the direction that is often the best feature of this production…  This is an intensely integrated production.

Ken Healey, The Sun Herald, THE PROMISE

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