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Director Joseph Uchitel's production is attentively realised and greatly assisted by Max Lyandvert's excellent sound design, James Browne's set and costumes, and Stephen Hawker's lighting. The ensemble is committed and strong.  There's a lot to like about Terminus.

Bryce Hullett, The Sydney Morning Herald


Director Joseph Uchitel's production has a seedy eroticism that riffs on film noir before eventually succumbing to the play's self-conscious mysteriousness and numbing misery.

​Colin Rose, The Sun Herald

Director: Joseph Uchitel

Producer: Sam Hawker

Set and Costume Designer: James Browne

Lighting Designer: Stephen Hawker

Composer and Sound Designer: Max Lyandvert

Cast: Mark Constable, Tamara Cook, Laurence Coy, Eamon Flack, Ben Geurens, Tanya Goldberg, Tom O’Sullivan and Berynn Schwerdt




Photography by Heidrun Lohr

Terminus by Daniel Keene

Darlinghurst Theatre

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